Urine Chemistry Analyzer
thinka RT-4010

Meter specifications

Sample Urine
Measurement items UPC, GLU, PRO, ALB, BIL,CRE, pH, BLD,
KET, NIT, LEU* (*for dogs only)
Target animal type Dogs and cats
Measurement principle Test strip: Dual wavelength reflectance method
(one wavelength for BLD measurement)
Measurement wavelengths Three LED wavelengths
(565, 635, 760nm)
Sample application method Manual dipping
Measurement capacity 50 tests per hour
Compatible test stripa Urine test strips dedicated to Urine Analyzer thinka
Reaction time Approximately 60 seconds per test
Display Custom LCD
Memory capacity 100 test results
External output Compliant with RS-232C
Measurement environment Temperature: 10 to 30°C, humidity: 30 to 60%RH (non-condensing)
*Temperature compensation function used.
Dimensions 124 (W) x 81 (D) x 36 (H) mm
Weight 180g (without batteries)

Printer specifications

Printer Thermal recording printer
Printer paper High color development thermal paper (W58 mm × Ø26 mm)
Dimensions 125 (W) x 133 (D) x 36 (H) mm
Weight 180g (without printer paper)
Power supply AC adapter 7.5V 3A
Power consumption 20W