Urine test strips
AUTION Sticks 10EA


Measurement principle Measurement range Visual measurement time
GLU Glucose oxidase reaction 50-1000 mg/dl 60 sec.
PRO Protein-error reaction 15-1000 mg/dl 60 sec.
BIL Azo-coupling reaction 0.5-6.0 mg/dl 60 sec.
URO Azo-coupling reaction 2-8 mg/dl 60 sec.
pH pH indicator pH 5-9 60 sec.
S.G. Cation extraction S.G. 1.000-1.030 60 sec.
BLD Activity measurement of pseudoperoxidase in hemoglobin hemoglobin 0.06-1.0 mg/dl 60 sec.
KET Sodium nitroprusside method 5-150 mg/dl 60 sec.
NIT Grease reaction nitrite 0.08-0.5 mg/dl 60 sec.
LEU Activity measurement of esterase in leukocytes 25-500 Leu/μl 90 sec.
*Design and specifications may be changed without prior notice