Electrolyte Analyzer with Ion-Selective Electrodes

  • Easy calibration
    Insertion of the magnetic card attached to the E-Plate into the analyzer completes calibration.

  • Simultaneous test of three electrolytes
    The levels of three electrolytes - Na, K, Cl - are measured at the same time on the same E-Plate.

  • Minute samples
    Whole blood, serum, plasma and urine can be measured with very small samples (only 22μL). This greatly lightens the burden on patients, especially children and sensitive patients.

  • Compact and lightweight
    Together with improved basic functions, the analyzer has also become more compact and lightweight, requiring only a A5-size (148×218mm)space. A large table area is no longer needed.

  • Test results produced promptly and automatically
    Removing the Twin-pipette after applying the sample automatically starts measurement. A printout of the three measurements is produced in just one minute.

  • Highly reliable special electrodes
    The E-Plate has three pairs of internal electrodes. Electrolyte concentrations in the sample are calculated from the potential difference generated between the sample and an equal amount of reference solution dropped onto the plate.

  • Operation is this simple

  • Specifications

    Samples Whole blood, plasma, serum and urine
    Electrolytes Na, K, Cl
    Meas. principle Potentiometry, by ion-selective electrodes
    Meas. range For whole blood / plasma / serum
    Na:50~250mmol/L, K:1~15mmol/L, Cl:50~200mmol/L
    For urine(diluted to 50% with distilled water)
    Na:10~350mmol/L, K:1~80mmol/L, Cl:3~300mmol/L
    Meas. time About 1 minute
    Sample volume About 22μL
    Data storage volume 50 measurements
    Sample consumption 4~6μL(per 1 measurement item): serum, plasma
    Warm-up time About 1 minute
    at room temperature of 25℃)
    Display 20 digits × 2 lines LCD
    Printer 58mm width built-in thermal printer
    External output RS-232C(serial)
    Meas. conditions Temperature:10~30℃
    Relative humidity:20~80%
    Power supply AC100~240V 50/60Hz
    Power consumption 40VA
    Dimensions 135(W) × 225(D) × 138(H)mm
    Weight Analyzer: 1.5kg
    AC adapter: 0.2kg
    *Design and specifications may be changed without prior notice