Blood Ammonia Meter
PocketChem BA PA-4140

  • Whole-blood measurement
    PocketChem BA realizes whole blood measurement without pretreatment. The level of blood ammonia that is susceptible to room temperature can be measured right after collecting blood. Minimal operation gives a maximum support to emergency measurement.

  • Small sample volume
    Required amount for measurement is only 20μL. No special collection tube is necessary.
    You can quickly measure the level of blood ammonia with blood sampling from earlobe.

  • Lightweight and compact design
    The weight of the palm-sized analyzer is just 150g and allows near-patient testing easily.

  • Detachable printer
    A printer (optional) can be detached from the analyzer. Hard copy of measurement result can be obtained if you connect a printer to analyzer. Printer and AC adapter can be used commonly with Portable Urine Analyzer PU-4010.

  • Battery driven
    Analyzer can be operated by two AA batteries or with AC adapter.
    ※The AC adapter is needed when using the printer.

  • Easy-to-maintain
    All what you need to clean daily is the removable strip holder.Implementation of LED for light source eliminated a complicated lamp replacement.

  • Temperature compensation
    Built-in temperature sensor automatically compensates for temperature in the range of 10 - 35℃.

  • Data management function
    Up to 50 measurement results can be memorized. Using serial communication function (RS-232C), measurement results can be transferred to PC.

  • Performing a test

  • Ammonia Test Kit II (The exclusive test strip)

    Dry chemistry based on a microdiffusion method provides high-precision measurement with whole blood.

    anmonia-test-kit2.jpg reaction-principle.jpg

    Analyzer specifications

    Samples Whole blood
    Meas. items Blood ammonia
    Meas. principle Test strip, single wavelength reflection measurement method
    Meas. range 10 - 400N -μg/dL (8-285 μmol/L)
    Meas. wavelength 635nm (LED)
    Sample amount 20μL
    Test strip Ammonia Test Kit II
    Reaction time Approx. 3minutes 20seconds/ test
    Warm-up time 1 - 2minutes
    Display LCD
    Operator panel Panel sheet
    (numeric and function key pad, 12 keys in total)
    Memory capacity 50 measurements
    External output RS-232C
    Temperature compensation function Automatic compensation by built-in temperature sensor
    Measurement conditions Temperature : 10 -35℃,
    Humidity : 25 - 85% relative humidity
    Dimensions 124(W) × 85(D) × 38(H) mm
    Weight Approx. 150g without batteries
    Power supply AA-sized dry battery ×2 or AC adapter

    Printer Specifications

    Printer Thermal line printer
    Recording paper Thermal paper 58mm(W) × ø26mm
    Dimensions 125(W) × 133(D) × 36(H)mm
    Weight 180g (without paper)
    Power supply AC adapter
    Power consumption 20W
    Electric connection with analyzer Contact connection
    *Design and specifications may be changed without prior notice

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    PocketChem BA PA-4140