Blood Ammonia Meter
PocketChem BA PA-4140

Analyzer specifications

Samples Whole blood
Meas. items Blood ammonia
Meas. principle Test strip, single wavelength reflection measurement method
Meas. range 10 - 400N -μg/dL (8-285 μmol/L)
Meas. wavelength 635nm (LED)
Sample amount 20μL
Test strip Ammonia Test Kit II
Reaction time Approx. 3minutes 20seconds/ test
Warm-up time 1 - 2minutes
Display LCD
Operator panel Panel sheet
(numeric and function key pad, 12 keys in total)
Memory capacity 50 measurements
External output RS-232C
Temperature compensation function Automatic compensation by built-in temperature sensor
Measurement conditions Temperature : 10 -35℃,
Humidity : 25 - 85% relative humidity
Dimensions 124(W) × 85(D) × 38(H) mm
Weight Approx. 150g without batteries
Power supply AA-sized dry battery ×2 or AC adapter

Printer Specifications

Printer Thermal line printer
Recording paper Thermal paper 58mm(W) × ø26mm
Dimensions 125(W) × 133(D) × 36(H)mm
Weight 180g (without paper)
Power supply AC adapter
Power consumption 20W
Electric connection with analyzer Contact connection
*Design and specifications may be changed without prior notice