Fully Automated Gene Analyzer
i-densy IS-5320

Fully integrated automatic system from Pretreatment, amplification, to detection.
i-densy IS-5320 enables analysis of gene SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) related to metabolism of drugs, gene mutation by cancer.

All-in-one solution

Equipment features

  • Fully automated measurement
    All what you need is to put reagent pack with sample applied in place and to press the start button. Up to 4 samples can simultaneously be measured.
    Additional measurement is available in the units that are not in use.
  • Easy-to-maintain
    All regular maintenance required is cleaning of tip disposal tray and reaction tube set area.
  • High speed measurement
    The time required for measurement from start to result output is 80min using whole blood.
  • Space saving
    A Space-saving genotyping system with built-in control PC and printer.
  • User management
    For the protection of personal information, user management is possible for the use of instrument and result browsing.

Easy Operation, Easy Analysis

For gene analysis, what all you need is to put reagent pack with sample applied in place and to press the start button.

Reagent features

  • Compact reagent pack
    All of necessary reagent is packed into reagent pack.
    Waste liquid bottle is unnecessary since waste stays in reagent pack.
  • Multi type sample support
    i-densy can handle various type of samples such as whole blood, oral swab and purified nucleic acids.
  • i-densy Pack UNIVERSAL
    With i-densy Pack UNIVERSAL, just designing primer and probe enables users to measure any item.
  • Multiplex reagent
    Measurement of up to 3 SNPs is possible with one pack.

  • illsutration-2-reagent.jpg

The principle of SNP typing

Amplify DNA fragment with target SNP by PCR and unite it with Qprobe that have the complementary sequences. The degree of conformance of the complementary sequence makes a difference in temperature where Qprobe dissociates. SNP can be evaluated by detecting fluorescent emitted from the dissociation.
* This system adopts Quenching Probe system patented by J-Bio21 Corporation.
Q probe: A probe with a terminal fluorescently-labeled cytosine base. Fluorescence decreases when it's bound to DNA fragment. Fluorescence is emitted when it gets dissociated from DNA fragment.


Measurement item and Significance

Meas. items Significance
CYP2C9 (*3) Prediction of capacity to metabolize drugs such as Sulfonylurea drug and anticoagulant
CYP2C19 (*2/*3) Prediction of capacity to metabolize drugs such as Proton pump inhibitor(PPI)
NAT2 (*6/*5/*7) Prediction of capacity to metabolize drugs such as antitubercular agent Isoniazid
SULT1A1 (*2) Prediction of capacity to metabolize drugs such as breast cancer treatment medicine Tamoxifen Citrate (TAM)
UGT1A1 (*28/*6) Prediction of dosage and administration of irinotecan
β2AR/β3AR/UCP-1 Prediction of the difference in basal metabolism
Others The use of i-densy Pack UNIVERSAL enables measurement of any given item.


Measuring object Whole blood, Oral swab, Purified nucleic acids
Meas. principle PCR + Tm Analysis method
Necessary sample quantity Whole blood, oral swab: 50μL
Purified nucleic acids: 4μL
Processing speed Whole blood: 90min/4samples (80min/sample)
Oral swab: 85min/4samples (75min/sample)
Purified nucleic acid: 75min/4samples (65min/sample)
Reagent to be used i-densy Pack series
Maximum sample load 4 samples
Sample container Integrated with reagent pack
Sampling method Automatic aspiration using sampling pipetter
Reaction temperature 40 ~ 95℃
Temperature change speed heating : 3.0℃ /sec, cooling : 1.5℃ /sec
Warm up time Within 3 minutes
Data storage capacity 500 measurement results (1 user) Up to 25 users registrable
Screen color LCD
Built-in printer 58 mm thermal line printer
Operation Touch screen
External output Ethernet x 1, USB x 1
Meas. environment Temperature: 10-30℃
Humidity: 20-80℃ RH (non-condensing)
Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz, 300VA (Maximum)
Dimensions 410(W)×450(D)×415(H)mm
Weight 27 kg
*Please note that external appearance and specification may change for improvement without prior notice.


i-densy Pack

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i-densy Pack

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