Versatile Urine Analysis System

  • Aution 11 - No More Compromises
    Getting new systems for your laboratory is a difficult and time consuming process. You are faced with many opinions and different needs. This forces you to make choices and to compromise.
    With ARKRAY's latest urinalysis platform, the Aution 11, you can forget about compromise. Don't choose, just get it all. The new Aution 11 is so flexible and versatile, that it will meet your requirements, no matter what your laboratory circumstances are.
    This instrument was designed to function anywhere.

  • Easy-to-use, Flexible, Versatile
    The Aution 11 was built to make your daily routine easier and more comfortable. Simply place the first dipstick and the process starts automatically. The capacity is up to 514 test s/hour and 520 tests can be stored in memory for database use and analysis. Other convincing features are:

    For both left- and right-handed use - optimize workflow
    No screws to open - easy maintenance within minutes
    Detailed printout - results immediately available
    RS-232C PC output - advanced automation
    Automatic feeder & timer - avoid errors

  • True Accuracy, for the True Professional
    The laboratory professional needs reliable results. ARKRAY's urinalysis systems give you unmatched ease and automation, and accuracy to rely on. The core of all ARKRAY systems is our product line of high quality urine dipsticks, Aution Sticks*. These sticks guarantee precision, sample after sample.
    With the unmatched ability to manufacture both instruments and reagents, ARKRAY is a unique partner in the urine analysis laboratory.

  • Specifications

    Samples Urine - applied to urine dipstick
    Test items Compatible with Aution Sticks*
    Meas. principle Dual wavelength reflectance method
    Wavelengths LED: 430, 565, 635 & 760 nm
    Speed up to 514 tests/hour
    Reaction Interval 60 seconds
    Data Memory 520 tests
    Dimensions & Weight 210(W) x 328(D) x 164(H)mm, 3.6 kg
    Built-in Printer Thermal, 58 mm width
    Display Customized LCD (iconized)
    External Output RS-232C, Ethernet
    Power Supply AC 100 - 240 V adaptor, 45 VA

    *Design and specifications may be changed without prior notice

    Whether you are a high throughput lab, or run only several routine samples per day, the Aution 11 will do the job for you. AE-4020's speed, accuracy and reliability suit the central laboratory; the compact size and minimal weight, allow you to take it to the point of care.

    *The Aution 11 is set standard to work with AUTION Sticks-10EA. Ask your distributor for detailed specifications and which products are available in your country.