Fully Automated Urine Analyzer


Sample Urine
Test items Glu, Pro, Bil, Uro, Ket, pH, Nit, Bld, Leu, S.G., Alb, Cre(Alb/Cre ratio, Pro/Cre ratio can be calculated), turbidity and color tone
Wavelength 5 LED wavelengths
(430, 500, 565, 635, 760nm)
Measurement principle
Test strip :
Dual-wavelength reflectance method (One-wavelength for Bld)

Specific gravity :
Reflection refractometry
Color hue :
Light-transmission measurement
Turbidity :
Light-scattering measurement method
Test strip AUTION Sticks (10EA & 10PA) , Uriflet S 11UA
Reaction time Approximately 60 seconds
Throughput 225 samples per hour
Strip storage Maximum 400 strips
(200 strips x 2 feeder boxes)
Required sample volume Normal, STAT measurement: Minimum 2 mL
Small volume measurement: Minimum 1 mL
Sample consumption Normal, STAT measurement: Maximum 0.90 mL
Small volume measurement: Maximum 0.45 mL
Sample container Sample tubes
(length: 95 - 110 mm, diameter: ø14.0 - 15.8 mm)
Maximum sample load 100 samples (Circulation)
Data memory Normal, STAT, small volume measurement: 2500 tests
Control measurement: 200 tests
Check measurement: 50 tests
Trouble list: 100 tests
Display Large color liquid crystal display (800 × 480 dots)
Built-in printer 58-mm width printer paper (24 digits)
External output 1 port
(Replaceable with the optional Ethernet terminal)
Communication method RS-232C compliant
(Switchable between one-way and two-way)
Measurement environment Temperature: 10 - 30°C; Humidity: 30 - 60% RH
(No condensation)
Power requirements 100 - 240 V AC
(Maximum power line fluctuation of ±10%), 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 150VA (Maximum)
Dimensions 530 (W) × 530 (D) × 550 (H) mm
(including the sampler)
Weight Main body: Approximately 36 kg
Sampler: Approximately 4 kg

※ Design and specifications may be changed without prior notice