Urine Chemistry Analyzer
thinka RT-4010

Meter specifications

Meas. sample Urine
Meas. items UPC, GLU, PRO, ALB, BIL,CRE, pH, BLD,
KET, NIT, LEU* (*for dogs only)
Target animals Dogs and cats
Meas. priniple Test strip: Dual wavelength reflectance method
(one wavelength for BLD measurement)
Meas. wavelengths Three LED wavelengths
(565, 635, 760nm)
Sample application method Manual dipping
Turnaround time 50 tests / hour
Compatible test strip thinka Urine Test Strip
Reaction time Approximately 60 seconds / test
Display Custom LCD
Memory capacity 100 tests
External output Compliant with RS-232C
Meas. environment Temperature: 10 to 30°C, humidity: 30 to 60%RH (no condensation)
* Temperature compensation function used.
Dimensions 124 (W) x 81 (D) x 36 (H) mm
Weight 180g (without batteries)

Printer speifications

Printer Thermal line printer
Recording paper Thermal paper 58mm (W) x φ26mm
Dimensions 125 (W) x 133 (D) x 36 (H) mm
Weight 180g (without paper)
Power supply AC adapter 7.5V 3A
Power consumption 20W