Compact Glycohemoglobin Analyzer
PocketChem A1c

  • Easy calibration
    Use of barcode reader to scan calibration data, patient and operator ID.

  • Efficient data handling
    User selectable dual reporting of result. User can select from % NGSP, IFCC mmol/mol, eAG mg/dl or eAG mmol/l.

  • Minute samples
    Just 4 µl blood required from finger prick or venous sample. The innovative blood collector makes the blood sampling easy and consistent.

  • Compact and lightweight
    Together with user friendly basic functions and ergonomic design, PocketChem A1c becomes the ideal choice for small/medium sized hospitals and clinics.
    It is lightweight (0.7kg) with footprint only the size of A5 paper.
    Large tables are no longer needed.

  • Convenient Barcode
    Barcode is available with the instrument.

  • Prompt and automatic
    By closing the lid after applying the sample, the measurement starts automatically. The result is displayed in just four minutes.

  • Highly reliable
    Boronate affinity methodology is widely recognized as interference-free from Hb varients.

  • Easy to operate (4 steps)
  • Specifications

    Samples Whole blood (capillary and venous blood)
    Meas. items HbA1c
    Meas. principle Boronate affinity
    Detection method Fluorescence quenching
    Meas. range NGSP : 4-15%
    Throughput 4 minutes per sample
    Sample volume 4µL(whole blood)
    Imprecision CV <3% at 7% A1c (NGSP)
    Meas. conditions 18-30℃, 20-80℃ relative humidity
    External output USB Port
    Power supply AC100V-240V ±10% 50/60Hz
    External dimensions 205(W) x 135(D) x 95(H) mm
    Weight Instrument: 0.7 kg
    Printer: 0.5 kg
    Warm up time 5-20 mins dependent upon external temp conditions
    *Design and specifications may be changed without prior notice

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    PocketChem A1c