Automatic Glycohemoglobin Analyzer
ADAMS A1c HA-8180


Samples Whole blood or hemolysates
Meas. items HbA1c(Stable HbA1c), HbF
Meas. principle Reversed-phase cation exchange chromatography
Detection method Dual-wavelength colorimetry
(wavelengths measured: 420nm/500nm)
Resolution 0.1%
Meas. range HbA1c : 3~20%, 14~191mmol/mol
HbF : 0.3~5%
Processing speed 48 seconds per sample
(including time required for sample-stirring)
Sample consumption Approx.14µL(whole blood)
Sample container Blood collection tube
(12.3 to 15mm diameters ) × ( 75 to 100mm length)
Sample cup(500µL)
Sampling method Cap-Piercing
Rack type ARKRAY racks
Column temperature Approx. 40℃
Display Color graphic LCD with backlight
Memory capacity Max.1100 test results
(including calibration results)
Built-in Printer Thermal printer, 58mm thermal paper
External output RS-232C
Meas. conditions Temperature: 10-30℃
Humidity: 20-80℃ RH (non-condensing)
Required sample volume Blood collection tube: 1mL or more
Sample cup: 400µL or more
Dimensions 530(W)×530(D)×530(H)mm
Weight Analyzer: Approx. 38kg
Sampler: Approx. 4kg
Power supply AC100V~240V ±10% 50/60Hz
Power consumption Max. 300 VA
*Design and specifications may be changed without prior notice