Fully Automated Urine Analyzer

  • "High precision & Multiple functions" and yet "Acceptable dimensions"
    Three functions of measuring /detecting color hue, turbidity and unusual color development of the strip on top of 10-way strip + SG make a speedy and overall diagnosis possible. The desk space is 530mm x 530mm.
  • High precision screening for renal diseases is possible even with the spot urine.
    With the adoption of the "AUTION Sticks 10PA" that allows urine creatinine to be measured, the spot urine can be used for high precision urine protein measurement, thus avoiding influences from urine dilutions or concentrations.
  • Two strip feeders
    AUTION Sticks (10EA & 10PA) can be loaded. When the two feeder-boxes are filled with the strips, continuous measurement of up to 400 tests can be made.
  • "Sample delivery system" enables micro volume samples to be measured
    As the sample is drawn through the nozzle and delivered correctly and quantitatively to each pad of the strip, the micro volume samples (minimum 2ml) can be measured easily. No cross contaminations are found on the reagent portions despite high sample volume.


Samples Urine
Meas. items Glu, Pro, Bld, Bil, Uro, pH, Ket, Nit, Leu, Cre, S.G. Color tone, Turbidity
(Pro/Cre ratio by calculation)
Wavelength 5 LED wavelengths
(430, 500, 565, 635, 760nm)
Meas. principle Test strip: Dual-wavelength reflectance method (One-wavelength for Bld) Specific gravity: Reflection refractometry
Color hue: Light-transmission measurement
Turbidity: Light-scattering measurement method
Test strip AUTION Sticks (10EA & 10PA)
Reaction time 60 sec.
Throughput 225 samples per hour
Strip storage Maximum 400 strips
(200 strips x 2 feeder boxes)
Required sample volume 2mL or more
Sample consumption 0.95mL
Sample container Test tube
Maximum sample load 100 samples (Circulation)
Data memory 2,700 tests
(including 200 control tests )
Built-in printer 24 digits thermal printer (width : 58mm)
External output RS-232C, Ethernet (Option)
Communication method One-way or two-way
Operating environment Temperature : 10-30℃
Humidity: 20-80℃ RH
(No condensation )
Analysis environment Temperature : 10-30℃
Humidity : 30-60℃ RH
(No condensation)
Power supply AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 150VA (Maximum)
Dimensions 530(W)×530(D)×530(H)mm
Weight 41Kg (including the Sampler unit 4kg)
*Design and specifications may be changed without prior notice

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